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      Originally posted 9/19/2005

      Taking the lessons we've learned from other online gaming experiences Rocki and I have decided to create an environment of fun, friendship, communication (on and off the field), teamplay, sportsmanship, and community. This will be a mature group, if not entirely adults. Younger players will be held to the same standard. Swearing and poor attitudes should be left at the door.

      As we considered the things we liked and disliked about our previous experience with online gaming in general and Day of Defeat specifically we've come up with some guidelines we'd like to try out. We're starting this guild so we have a nice place to play, have fun and create a friendly community. If you like it here, want to follow the rules, pull up a chair and stay a while, you're welcome here!

      • Do not shoot in or NEAR spawn.
        Shooting in spawn is dangerous, causes accidental deaths and injuries. From an admin point of view it's easier to completely restrict this action entirely than try to say when it's okay and when it's not. As we all know, some people like to Team Kill (TK) and Team Wound (TW) if an admin hears shooting near spawn he/she will take action. This includes shovels and knifes, even

      Forum Rules:
      • Be nice.
      • Have fun.
      • Signature size limitations will be considered as necessary.
      • No links to Warez, stolen software, serial numbers, etc.
      • No nudity, profanity, threatening, slurs, etc.
      • No politics. (Lets STAY friends )
      • No Religion.
      • No sexual content.
      • You can be

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