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Thread: New Member - 507th Housethemous

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    New Member - 507th Housethemous

    507th Pvt. Housethemous

    You are hereby inducted into the
    507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    assigned the rank of Private.
    Welcome and Congratulations!

    Please adjust your tags in the game.
    You will notice your avatar has been changed
    to reflect your new position.

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    507th Member
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    Welcome House

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    Welcome to the 507th, House!

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    Thanks everyone.

    Quick question - do you guys play any other games besides DoD:S?

    I played CS for awhile but really grew out of it and would love to find another non-FPS type online game to play with friends.

    Thanks for the warm welcome and see you all out on the battle field!

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    Welcome!! ^V^

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    Individually I think most of us play other games, but nothing "official".

    Why don't you start another thread, with the types of games you like to play, and see where that get you!

    PS: I'm looking forward to The Division.

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    Welcome ^V^

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