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Thread: What is your first name and how old are you?

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    What is your first name and how old are you?

    This was a thread we had on the forums way back in the days.
    It was kind of fun to know a little about our online friends.

    I'll start...

    Name: Adam

    Age: Born 1984

    When not on server?: Birding is my big thing. Travles all around Sweden to look at rare birds and such. Alson running (planing to run my first ultra 90K in 2016) and fishing.
    Working as a supervisor and are involved in local politics.

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    Name: Jason

    Born: 1971

    Originally from California, have lived in the NYC area for just over 20 years.

    When not on the server: Work, game development (physical games), hanging out with my wife and son, watching movies

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