• Do not shoot in or NEAR spawn.
    Shooting in spawn is dangerous, causes accidental deaths and injuries. From an admin point of view it's easier to completely restrict this action entirely than try to say when it's okay and when it's not. As we all know, some people like to Team Kill (TK) and Team Wound (TW) if an admin hears shooting near spawn he/she will take action. This includes shovels and knifes, even though you can't hurt your teammates, it's an annoying practice, and isn't acceptable.

  • Intentional Team Kills (TK) and Team Wounding (TW) are NEVER acceptable.

  • Do not spawn camp.

  • Do not shoot FROM spawn. Do not shoot or grenade INTO the enemy spawn, or spawn exits.
    Even if you are being shot at. Contact an Admin, to deal with this issue.

  • Bazooka Use is NOT allowed.
    On most maps, the bazooka has been removed. The maps that have a bazooka, use it ONLY to blow up objectives. Do NOT target other players.

    In the real world, this type weapon was accompanied by other members of the unit, to provide cover, it was not routinely used as a anti-personnel weapon.

    The reasoning behind this rule is simple. Immature players like to run around and play with this weapon, killing others. At the 507th we are striving for not only a fun time, but a more mature experience. When objectives (objects to blow up) the rocket class may be activated for those maps, for objectives only.

  • No Machine Guns or snipers till both teams have 5 players. This includes the German MG-42, and the American .30 Caliber Machine Gun. One Sniper and One MG per team. This is normally an automated process.

  • No Swearing. G- Rated language only. This includes abbreviations. If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, minister, or a five year old, don't say it here.

  • Show respect to each other. This is a GAME.

  • Show respect to public gamers. They may not have read the rules as they came in, we've all done that. Let them get up to speed, they may turn out to be fine friends or future members. We'll never know if they leave in the first five minutes.

  • Show respect to Admins. Being an admin is a surprisingly hard job. You must be fair, aware of more than regular players, including what's going on, on the other team. If there is a problem, which there often is, you must take time out from playing to deal with it. It can take several minutes to repeatedly warn a player, leading up to a ban, then document what's happened, and return to the game. Imagine being the lifeguard at a busy pool, while trying to play water polo at the same time. It is not appropriate, under any circumstances, for anyone to question any decision made by an admin, while still on the server. It shows a lack of solidarity, team spirit, and it's generally disrespectful.

  • No inappropriate names, sprays or comments, including but not limited to political, sexual, racial, ethnic, offensive, etc

  • No Cheating, hacks, statistic manipulation (stat padding) or otherwise. Cheating will result in an immediate, permanent ban.

  • Disruptive or annoying behavior will result in being kicked/ banned.

  • No illegal activity. This includes referencing Warez, serial number, illegal drugs, underage drinking etc.

  • No complaining of hacking, even jokingly.

  • Recruiting is not allowed on our server. This includes posting web links.

We've noticed some other groups have copied some of our rules verbatim. We must be doing something right.

Maybe they're just too lazy to rephrase them.

Our rules are firm, but they help to keep the environment a pleasant place for everyone.

Refer to the Server Message of the Day (MOTD)