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Thread: Recruitment - How to Join the 507th

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    Recruitment - How to Join the 507th

    How to get recruited:

    • Join the applicant Steamfriends Group. Click here

    • Post a thread that you're interest in joining Click Here

    • Then what?
      • Continue to play with us as much as you can.
      • Post on the forums
        • Don't go overboard with posting, 5+ posts a day is a bit much
        • Don't reply to "dead threads" ... if no one has posted in more than a week or two...just read.
        • Welcome other new players to the forums
        • Congratulating members on promotions, and awards
        • Adding your first name and some generic information to this thread.

    Recruitment takes at least a week or more. You need to be sure we are a good fit for you, and we'll spend the time getting to know you as well. The better we know you, the quicker we can make a decision.

    Good luck, and welcome to the forums!
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