The 507th is Recruiting!!

  • Personality is the most important factor. Skill is nice, but comes second.

  • Never been in a clan or guild before? No experience is necessary!

What we offer:

  • A fun place to play
  • Donations are NOT required, but are appreciated.
  • Start as a buck private and earn promotions as time goes on.

  • Interested in helping out even more, (organizing, motivating, creating, mentoring, server admin, server setup, web design) maybe an Officer's career path is in your future!

  • Admin possibilities, become a server "lifeguard".

  • Scrimmages, internal and with other groups. This adds a whole new dimension to the game. Strategy and team work make this the most fun you'll ever have playing online.

  • Get to know others, know how they play, who to watch out for when they've got a K98.

  • Join a Community.

  • Make some new friends (and kill them ).

  • "Fun nights" with your team mates, different maps, different mods, even different games. (Perhaps some fun maps with different gravity options from time to time).

If you've never been a member of a clan or guild before, you really don't know what you're missing. If you have, we intend to be the best, brightest, fairest, most mature group out there!

We hope you choose to apply and grow with us!

Lets have some fun!!

You should not expect a invitation for at least one week. In some rare situations, recruitment may take several weeks. Recruitment time varies, based on our real life activities, how much you play and post, as well as other factors.

We also have plenty of room for:

  • Cadets, comprised primarily of younger players, and teens.

  • Junior Cadets, are children who have an adult member in their lives. (Doesn't need to be a biological child, you just need to be responsible, or have a real life, close connection. The sponsor is responsible for them, and their activities.)

Anyone under 13 must comply with COPPA regulations.