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Thread: Thank You BuLwinkL !!

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    Thank You BuLwinkL !!

    Would like to take time to say thank you to BuLwinkL for giving us the opportunity to see this community come back together, it is, and has been, by far the best people I have ever been involved with in the gaming community, across many games, and many clans/guilds.
    Again, Thanks BuL

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    I'll second that! Thanks Bul, Rocki and all friends i made in the 507th.
    It's about 8 or 9 years since i got involved in this great group!

    ^V^  7

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    I second that! It is excellent to see the 507th come back together again and to see old friends, and see new people here.

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    Ya at first i thought everyone was gone for good, Sure is good to see some old faces and some new ones. I know life moves fast and i can feel it in my bones. But I'm sure happy i got to spend some of my life with you guys. Thx

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    I'm glad you are all back on here, nice to see the old faces and the old place still in good hands !

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    Great to see all our old friends, and make some new ones.

    Thanks to MrTC for his help, especially getting our ban site up and running.

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    Thank you BuLwinkL, none of this would have been possible without your vision, expertise and devotion to the 507th guild we created so many years ago.
    Thank you Mr. TC for your additional help with this restart.
    And thank you Coach for your inspirational message to us.
    It's fantastic seeing so many old friends and meeting new ones who all share what we enjoy.


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    507th always has, and will always continue to be a great group of folks

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