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Thread: Tom Clancy's The Division Beta

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    Tom Clancy's The Division Beta

    I've signed up for the PC beta, starting tomorrow.

    If you're interested in checking out the game, you can get a beta code here:

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    i was thinking about buying it how many others pre-ordered it?

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    I bought it seems like a good game so far.

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    I've decided to get it.

    It's an intentionally limited beta, so they can test hardware. Only one single/co-op mission.

    I've had the most fun (and decent loot) playing the mission co-op on hard.

    I'm hoping the dark zone has more to do in the release.

    At the moment, it's relying on people going rogue. It needs more loot and AI.

    I told Aristoi that it would be cool if you were being chased by a rogue squad and ran right into an AI shoot out.

    The beta dark zone isn't scary. It should be.

    I do like the tactical shooter, cover, and I think the RPG aspects will work nicely.

    As with any game, I had much more fun playing with friends in the squad, although in game coms are very clear.
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