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    I was banned for cheating (I think) I have added admins to try and plead my case to no avail. I have a demo of my own to prove that I do not cheat and I will upload it upon request.

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    It came to my attention that other players were complaining on the server so I came in to spectate you. It looked to me, that there was a script or quick switch on your weapons which is not allowed on this server, just like exploiting. Even after all 8 complaints, the arguing continued on the server, which is something we cannot have. We are a small family server, and we like to keep the drama out. Once enough people complain, we just end up banning the cause. Adding admins as friends after only aggravates them more, not something I would suggest doing in the future. I don't think that our server would be a good fit for you, but I'm sure you'll find a great server to play on.

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    I never heard a complaint, I stopped arduing however and muted the guy who was accusing me of cheating. I quick switched my weapon while I was running around, however as I was using a heavy (Stg44) I figured it wasnt a big deal, plus I was not aware that it was in your server rules, for that I apologize. I tried to not be a problem, and I would enjoy being able to play on your server as I usually try to keep to myself, my only problem is when people call me a cheater (which I am not). However, I can swallow my pride if you'll allow me back into your server.

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