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Thread: Hero is here =)

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    Hero is here =)

    Hi everyone!

    Im 39 years old gamers and recently I find 507th server and I really like that server and the players in there.
    I started to play Dod 1.6 and now its cs:go or Dod:s

    My intrest except for gaming is fishing, ski and my kids.
    I live upnorth sweden ( sollefteå) but 2/5-16 I gonna move to a house we just got. so its gonna b more closer for me to my job at Domsjö factory. I work there as a Recovery boiler operator.
    That was little about me. If you have any questions just hit me up =)

    Edit # Mygod is my older brother he isnt that good if you move around

    Regards // Göran Toljamo
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    Hej hjalte trevligt att se dig little bit of Swedish

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    Hur lange har du spelat nederlagets dag hjalte

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    to long

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    The first one says "Hello hero how are you" the second one, im not really sure, maybe "How long have you been playing day of defeat"

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    Welcome to the Forums, and the server

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