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Thread: New Days of War server

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    New Days of War server

    Hey folks,

    Just wanted to let those know who have DoW that we have our own server up "507th PIR DoW - US". You can see it in the server list so check it out when you can!

    At the moment it is running on an Amazon AWS EC2 service which means it is a virtual server and is based on the West coast, so sometime here I plan on moving it more to the East coast, however so far it has been running quite well.

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    Hey TC, can you actually get this game yet ? looked in the steam store and it says its not avail till the 26th
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    The game will be released soon for $25.

    We still have some codes for folks that want to donate to the 507th server fund.

    I'll chat with you in Steam.

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    The server has now been moved to a more Eastern location (Ohio) to improve ping performance.

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    Just signed up to donate $20 for six months fellas. Ohhhh, and the server is in my home state, VERY nice
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    its a pretty cool game, needs work but it is early access. scratches that DOD itch nicely.

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