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Thread: Sign in with Steam

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    Sign in with Steam

    You may notice we've got a Steam buttons on the site.

    This allows you to do a few things.

    This is a legit login using an API thru the Steam website.

    It's very safe, we don't get your steam login information, password or other personal information.

    Steam shares your Steam profile name (that's the name your buddies see) with the forum and makes forum account creation a snap.

    No email verification should be needed, and the forum uses your membership in the 507th Steam group to "up" your level on the forum.

    You can still set up an account the old fashioned way if you prefer.

    If you do use the manual signup method, you can click the button anytime to link your steam name to your forum account.

    Using the the Steam method will put a steam icon under your name, when you post.

    If you don't like it, you can easily unlink your account by clicking on the steam button when you are logged in.

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