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Thread: Dayz Epoch Version 1.0.4 Release Pending

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    Dayz Epoch Version 1.0.4 Release Pending

    We are waiting for our game server host to upload the appropriate files to upgrade the server.

    For now, if you want to continue playing on our server, don't update your Epoch.

    After our server is updated to the newest version, you can expect that some features unique to our server will be unavailable. Over the next few days, we'll be working on those issues.

    It appears that the maximum number of weapons in a safe has been cut in 1/2 to 25.

    If I were you, I'd make sure you have a storage location for the 25 extra guns...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aristoi View Post
    The lead developer vbawol says the items will not be lost, but will be scattered on the ground the first time it is opened. EXPLODING SAFE!

    Change Log:
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    So don't update? Or are you saying the server is running the newest version?

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    The server is now on the newest version. 1.0.4.

    I'm spooling it up one more time, close to taking off the password.

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    Awesome, thanks!

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    Ok, server is pretty well along. Anti hack is running, as well as admin, and several plugins.

    You'll notice you can't make a bike or self bloodbag yet, missions are a work in progress as well.

    AI is there guarding the bases though.

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    Great work. Thank you!

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