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Thread: Server status

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    Server status

    The server is down for a bit while I track down an error.

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    I'm rolling the server back to vanilla so we can track down a database issue.

    I'm not sure how long this will take, as it relies on our Game Server Host.

    I'll post when it's back up.

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    Hello Keith,

    We are sorry to inform you that the ACP control panel has been put in to Emergency Maintainance Mode whilst we fix a problem with it. We are hoping to have it backup and running as soon as the control panel has been fixed, we have been told that it could take between 2-3 hours but we cannot be sure if it will take longer depending on the work that needs to be carried out.

    Game servers that where running will remain to run in the background but you will not be able to stop/start/maintain these servers in the mean time.

    We will continue to keep you updated on the work and ask that you do not submit any tickets about the downtime.

    Best Regards,

    Vilayer LTD

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    Doing a bit of sorting, the server will be up and down for a few more minutes.

    I've been streamlining the file system, so that future updates will hopefully go smoother.

    There's not much we can do with base epoch updates. They either work, or not.

    What I'm doing now takes our plugins, both public and ones we've created and puts them in a more organized filing system.

    Going back a few hours, I spoke with the manager for our game server, they've moved us to a different machine. They had massive issues with the 1.0.4 rollout.

    There were 2 hotfixes for 1.0.4, and we are on 1.0.4b now.

    Since the server has changed, I'm going to give more of our plugins a try, rather than waiting on the vanilla to track down the database issue.

    I'm convinced that issue was on their end, and hopefully the change of boxes will fix that.

    Please report any strange losses of gear, especially after a server restart.
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    Well, here we go again, player-built structures and player-owned vehicles are missing. Joined the server on 10.30 am GMT+1, that's 2.5h after the last restart, so it is definitely not due to joining too early.

    Sorry mate

    12 pm (GMT+1) brought everything back. Although it took me almost five minutes to get from the lobby onto the map.
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    UPDATE: So far the entire day has been issue free. Since the last issue happened there have been numerous resets and everything seems good. In my opinion I believe the issue is the mod itself, it is an unstable mod, My only idea to combat this issue is that every time something like this happens have an admin manually restart the server because it only seems like it happens upon the server coming up after a restart. If there are no admins on or available then the only thing to do is to wait till the next restart. All this should solve the issue until the developers track and solve this issue.


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    The newest version 1.0.4 takes a REALLY long time to spool up.

    We'll just need to figure out why it's doing this, and how to work around it.

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    The server is down, a repair ticket is in .

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